I can’t find the download.

If you’ve purchased a printable or ebook, please make sure to check your inbox. There will be an option to download from the invoice. Also make sure to check your spam folder, in case the email had a misadventure. If you do find the email in your spam folder, you will want to make sure you mark it “NOT spam” and add us to your contacts. That way you will definitely get all of the future freebies we regularly send out!
If you are attempting to download from your Account Page and you can’t find your printable, please check your downloads folder.

The file is saying it was corrupt and won’t open. 

This can happen when the internet connection was interrupted in the download process, even for a fraction of a second. Try clearing the cookies in your browser, and clicking to download again. It should work smoothly the second time!

I downloaded and opened the printable, but it doesn’t look the same as your example. 

I recommend that all of my files are opened in Adobe Reader, which is a free program available for download here. If the file has custom text fields, it will not be formatted correctly in Apple Preview or any other PDF viewer, so you always want to make sure you are opening the files in Adobe Reader.

I can’t get this to print correctly, can you show me how?

Although we always try to help, with the vast numbers of different printers (and their own individual little quirks) in existence, it can be a challenge. We strongly recommend contacting your printer’s support service or searching the internet for your printer’s model number and the issue you are facing. Here’s a couple of quick fixes that may help you solve your issue quickly:

  • Are you out of paper?
  • Are you out of ink?
  • Are you choosing the “Print Actual Size” option in Adobe Reader? (shown below)
  • Is your paper the correct size for what you are trying to print? (Check the dimensions within the corresponding post.)

I don’t have a printer at home, can you print this and mail it?

I apologize, but that isn’t a service we offer. Our printables are for digital download only.

Can you make free changes to this printable / can I hire you for custom changes / can you create a specific printable?

Thank you so much for your interest, but right now I do not make custom changes for free or for hire. While I do keep track of new printable requests, I can’t guarantee that I will ever create the printable you are requesting. However, if a lot of people are looking for the same thing, you may just see it in the future!

Can I upload your printable directly to my blog to share with my readers?

No, please do not, as it is a violation of my copyright policy. However, if you loved the printable enough to share, I would be so appreciative if you linked back to my blog so that others can find my work! 

Can I use the artwork on your printable for a product I’m selling?

No, please do not, as it is a violation of my copyright policy. My free printables are for personal use only, meaning for a reader to print out and enjoy at home, and are not licensed for commercial use. I reserve all rights to my artwork, as stated directly on the printable, and product creation using my artwork without my permission is against the law. If you would like to discuss purchasing a commercial license to use my artwork, please email me!

Still need help?