Your schedule and to-do list are jam-packed...

it's no wonder you're missing important tasks and appointments.

And speaking of your to-do list, you’re so busy trying to check things off, you easily lose sight of the big picture.

And if your child volunteers you for one more fundraiser…
you’re actually going to lose your mind!

You’re frustrated, because these aren't the things you want to focus on in life...

but you are just completely and thoroughly overwhelmed!

you're thinking…

“Will I ever be able to just spend time with my family relaxing?”
What about all of those bigger things I want to accomplish?
Everyone should be able to focus more on what they love, and less on mundane tasks.
Let me show you how.

planning our lives should be simple...

After all, there are a million options out there for planners, between paper and digital.
Which one do you choose?
How do you stick with it?
How do you know it will work for you?
If you’ve been unhappy with your planner system in the past and unable to stick with it,  I want you to know something.
You’re far from alone.
The reason it didn’t feel right is not because you’re destined to be disorganized…
… it’s because you lost sight of your bigger picture goals.
 This system helps you cut out all the noise of dead end tasks.
It helps you keep your bigger goals in sight as you take bite-sized pieces.
Let’s face it, right now you’re spinning your wheels and feeling completely unfocused.


the truth is...

Once you adopt a simple system
identifying your biggest goals,
you can break them down in ways that
help you make real progress.

  • You’ll have a clearly defined filter of when to say "yes" or "no".
  • You'll stop wasting time on things that don't add to the big picture.
  • You’ll free up time for the things that fulfill you: time with family, friends, and relaxation!

Bottom line:

No more overwhelm!

here's what you need to know...

everyone has the ability to accomplish their biggest goals.


Contrary to popular belief, simply writing them down once at the beginning of the year and forgetting about them by March won’t get you there. 
However, with the right system and support, you can keep those goals in sight and make enormous progress over time. 

here's the solution...

  • A simple and easy-to-use system to identify your goals and break them down step-by-step.
  • An all-in-one daily plan that balances your responsibilities and commitments with making progress on your bigger goals.
  • A flexible design that allows you to add to and subtract from your system based on your individual needs.

get all of this and more with...

make the most of every day

The Everyday Planner was born out of one overwhelmed mother/wife/entrepreneur’s need for some order and sanity in her life. Nina first began playing around with the design in 2013, and it made such a positive difference in her life that she decided to share it with others. Over the years since it was created, it has evolved to include everything that a busy woman needs to accomplish in a day. From focusing on daily goals to keeping track of water intake, to scheduling your day, to planning what’s for dinner… The Everyday Planner helps you stay ahead of what’s important, and helps you turn your wishes into actionable goals.

elegant and timeless, and it allows me to have my own creative thoughts...

"I buy a planner every year and needed one to fit a multitude of daily hats.....this one did. I was attracted to this planner for the classic look of it. It is beautifully simple, and I find other planners sometimes too loud to apply my own creative thoughts. Before I purchased, I wasn't sure about printing it off myself. However, I find that it functions quite well and helps me manage my home and homeschool. I'm sticking to my big priorities instead of mentally adding to the endless pile. I feel more accomplished because the planner brings me back to truth. The end of the monthly review is so helpful and a different approach than I have tried before. I see each month as a do over. I would think it a great fit for anyone looking for this type of tool."
randy b.
Washington D.C.

what's included...

  • 8.5 x 11" 2019-20 200+ page PDF
  • 5.5 x 8.5" 2019-20 200+ page PDF (you get both sizes in one purchase!)
  • Getting Started Guide with printing instructions
  • Email Series with my favorite tips for using the planner
  • Access to video tutorials that share some fun extra features of the planner- like adding custom text!
  • Signature Cover Page with watercolor hydrangeas painted by Nina
  • Pre-dated two page monthly spreads from August 2019 to December 2020
  • Monthly Goal Assessment 
  • Pre-dated two-page weekly calendar from August 2019 until December 31, 2020
  • 2020 Yearly Planning Page
  • List of major holidays for 2019 & 2020
  • Yearly & Monthly Goal Planning Worksheets
  • Personal Information Page
  • Special Occasions tracking page
  • Notes Page

This is a digital product, no physical items will be shipped. The planner is an instant download and the link will be emailed to you directly after your purchase.

Please note that we do not offer printing services or customizations at this time.

The Everyday Planner
is perfect for you if...​


You're a pen and paper kind of girl and always get organized by writing things down.

The Everyday Planner
is perfect for you if...​


You always loved back-to-school shopping and think there's nothing better than the smell of a fresh new notebook. 

The Everyday Planner
is perfect for you if...​


You’ve been fed up with being disorganized for a while but you are tired of doing it all on your own. You need a system to make the process easier and faster. You just want it DONE now so you can enjoy the things that matter!
"I’m a student and I was struggling with managing all of my upcoming assignments and test dates. With the to-do lists on every day with check bubbles and the monthly layouts, I no longer miss assignments and my productivity has increased! I recommend The Everyday Planner to everyone!"
Meg G.
Washington D.C.

want to take a peek inside?

making every day just a bit more organized...

Like so many people, I found this planner because I was struggling with organizing my day. There are so many planner options out there, it was hard to know which one fit my style and which one I should buy. The Everyday Planner made my life much easier! To see my day/time laid out was great and I am more productive. I don't think there is anything about it I didn't like. I can’t wait for the next edition!

ready to make next year your most memorable yet?


Nina is a self-taught creative who founded her blog and company in 2010 under the name Enchanting Details. Today, Nina Hendrick Design Company is a well-known lifestyle brand. Nina loves helping others create a happy life and home through decorating, planning, organizing, and simplifying.

Her best accomplishments by far are her three young children; Logan, Cooper, and Lyla. When she’s not blogging or designing she can often be found tackling a renovation project with her husband Mack in their 1980s fixer-upper. As a family the Hendricks love to visit their lake cabin in New Hampshire and play on the beach with their golden retriever Lucy. In those rare moments of quiet time, Nina can be found with a good book, cozy blanket, and a warm mug of black hazelnut coffee (or maybe even a margarita!).


finding balance between work and home...

When I came across The Everyday Planner, I was having a hard time streamlining my to-do lists between work and home. The planner is a good fit and helped me accomplish this need! I especially like the goals section. It makes it easy to visibly see and organize thoughts. It’s as comprehensive or simple as you need it. Overall, it’s very versatile! I would recommend it.
Houston, TX


I strive to make printing as quick and easy as possible with my video tutorials! I recommend printing at home on your printer, and our pretty-but-neutral design makes it easy to save on ink! Office supply stores are often considered by those who don’t have a printer at home, and I have a video on how to set that up. I have also heard that smaller shops, libraries, and community centers may have better rates, and it’s great to support your community!

This is a digital product, therefore no physical items will be shipped. The planner is an instant download and the link will be emailed to you directly after your purchase.

Please note that we do not offer printing services or customizations at this time.

Previous Editions of the planner prominently featured customizable fields that you could complete with your own text in Adobe Reader. Updates to Adobe Reader have rendered the former setup unnecessary. Our Getting Started Guide and video tutorials share how to add text to your planner anywhere you’d like.

A blog post & video is in the works that shares how I organize my own planner and which products I use. Stay tuned!


Before I purchased the planner, my biggest struggle was time blocking out my week. I was a little worried about how the planner would look since I was printing it out myself. However, it's so easy to use and keeps everything in one place! I especially like the daily checklist built into each day. It's nice that everything is all on one page and I'm not having to go to different sections.
Holly P.
Washington State

Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning to a streamlined routine. You know exactly what you need to do today, because you took a few minutes the night before to plan. You tackle your to-do list and errands, only taking on exactly what you have time for.  Later that day you're left with extra time … You can call up a friend and have a cup of coffee, spend time with your spouse, or work on that passion project that's been sitting on the back burner. You’ve gone from stressed and panicked throughout your day to knowing exactly what you need to do and how it adds to the big picture of what you want to accomplish. Planning has created freedom!

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